About The "Teeny Rabbit"


Once upon a time, a new mum pushed her giggling daughter on the swing.  As her arms moved back and forward, and the toddler squealed with delight, her mind began to wonder…….what will I cook for tea……did I pack a snack………what can I buy for best friends birthday…….what day is it?


Appearing in front of her, a van, a coffee van. Yay!  Bribing her daughter off the swing with a promise of a “treat” she is delighted to find that the van sells freshly ground coffee, delicious things to eat and a selection of lovely treats, perfect for her daughter, her friend and (because she deserves it) herself!


By “pulling a Rabbit out of the hat” Pat and Virginia aim to provide a unique experience to their local and wider community. The mobile coffee, eats and treats van is designed to service local sporting and community events, and will be stocked with freshly grounded Genovese coffee, some teeny tiny things to eats and a great selection of beautiful home and gift ware.


The online store will feature additional giftware, including cushions, throw rugs, clocks, photo frames, gift cards, trinket boxes and more.  All these products are sourced for their originality and value, allowing The Teeny Rabbit to offer products that are a teeny bit different.